We’re going to Anaheim! Don’t miss Warner Electric’s servo brakes at MD&M West 2023

February 2, 2023
Warner ECB Products

Designed for dependability and quiet operation, Warner Electric’s world-class brakes are engineered for routine and advanced medical equipment.

Did you know our technologies are utilized on a wide range of medical applications?

Our specialty and focus on miniature brake design allows Warner engineers to provide ideal solutions for a wide variety of medical applications. You can find our brakes on:

  • MRI and CT scanners
  • X-ray and mammography machines
  • Surgical robots
  • Patient tables
  • And more!
Warner Servo Motor at Automate

“What we utilize those brakes for is, basically, holding brakes,” explains Altra National Account Manager Mark Falcone. “They would go onto a robotic arm, on the back of the motor. And if that motor stops, that brake will hold the shaft and the position of where that motor (stops).”

Warner Electric engineers work directly with OEM engineers in the medical field to customize braking solutions through torque requirements, space limitations and more.

Our SMB servo motor brake is a great example, says MD&M booth captain Jonathan Dagorne.

“They’re very precise brakes, high temperature performance. … We start from the frame 60 up to the frame 180s and supply all the big servo motor industries [for] medical devices. … It can be surgical, robotics, CT scan, X-ray.”

Warner Servo Motors Shine at Automate 2022

Altra National Account Manager Mark Falcone (Left) and ECB Product Manager Jonathan Dagorne (Right)

Learn more: Servo motor brake Q&A with Warner Electric’s Mark Falcone and Jonathan Dagorne

Be sure to visit Warner Electric engineers at booth #1653 at MD&M 2023 to learn more! And, don’t miss Altra Motion Automation & Specialty brands Portescap at booth #1649 and Thomson Linear at booth #1655.

Not attending the show? Learn more about how Warner Electric WR Series and ERS series brakes are used in medical mobility.