At Warner Electric, we’ve been helping to electrify drivetrains for decades with our electromagnetic brakes. Let’s build together!

March 23, 2023
Electrify Drivetrains

As one of the largest industrial brake manufacturers in the world, we know your customers and we know electrification.

Warner Electric parking and emergency brakes are proven, reliable, and clean alternatives to hydraulic and pneumatic brakes. Our technologies have been used to electrify OEM vehicles such as forklift trucks, golf carts, and aerial work platforms for decades. They are ideal for battery-powered applications in compact construction equipment, outdoor power equipment, autonomous agricultural equipment, AGVs and more.

Warner Electric: Your drivetrain electrification partner

We are actively working with drivetrain manufacturers and OEMs to affordably integrate electric brakes into their assemblies to reduce maintenance and improve performance for their customers’ vehicles.

Our electric brakes are:

  • Rugged, field-tested, and maintenance-free
  • Eco-friendly with low power consumption and compact design
  • Easy-to-integrate into existing designs
  • Precise and powerful
  • Available as custom and standard

Warner AVG Applications

Not sure what type of electromagnetic braking solution you need? Ask a Warner Electric electrification specialist

We will help you customize the solution that best suits your drivetrain needs, down to a brake’s size and IP rating.

Learn more about our offerings at our newly published drivetrain electrification webpage.

Contact us today and find out how our electrification expertise, global manufacturing footprint, and production line flexibility can help you realize quicker project turnarounds and lower material costs.

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