Webinar Series: Factors to Consider When Selecting a C-Face or Base Mount Warner Electric Unimodule Clutch or Clutch/Brake

We will review the key criteria you will need to know to make the best possible selection of Warner Electric Unimodule clutch or clutch/brake products.
How to Troubleshoot Warner UniModule

Webinar Series: How to Troubleshoot Warner Electric Unimodule Applications

A review of the causes and corrective actions for an Unimodule application that is not performing as expected and desired.
Factors to Consider

Webinar Series: Factors to Consider When Selecting a Wrap Spring Clutch / Brake

This webinar provides guidance to successful wrap spring clutch/brake applications and the factors you will need to know to make a unit selection.

Webinar Series: Troubleshooting of Warner Electric CB or SCB Wrap Spring Clutch / Brakes

We will review the common issues that can cause a CB or Super CB clutch/brake to perform poorly or to see less than design life.

Webinar Series: Factors to Consider When Selecting an Electric Clutch/Brake Power Supply or Control

We will review the range of possible decisions that you may want to consider to ensure the power supply or control you select best meets your application needs.

Webinar Series: Altra Industrial Overload Clutch Application Overview

Bibby and Boston Gear Centric Overload Clutches can be a powerful tool to address customer needs by improving productive uptime and throughput by using overload clutches to protect product, process and profits.

Webinar Series: Factors to Consider When Selecting a Friction Type Clutch, Brake or Clutch/Brake

Clutches and brakes are an excellent means for starting or stopping loads on demand. There are a wide array of possible mounting and actuation methods for designers to consider. This session will provide an overview of the common options and factors to consider that can provide a designer with best possible choices for the application at hand.

Webinar Series: Beyond Friction Faces

A review of tooth and multiple disk clutch solutions. The tooth and Multiple Disc Clutches, made by Warner Electric’s European facility, provides tools beyond the traditional flat friction face designs. We will review these tools, where to find data on them and some application opportunities for them.

Webinar Series: Matrix International 1 CD Caliper Brake: A Very Flexible Brake Solution

The 1 CD brake from Matrix is a spring set electrically released caliper brake. Use of a caliper provides added freedom in finding a mounted location for brake retro-fits. This session will review the nature and the selection process for these brakes.