Webinar Series: Improve Safety when Servicing Large Unbalanced Loads with New Twiflex Locking Devices

Large unbalanced systems such as auto-shredders, and large fans that become unbalanced during maintenance can create a hazard to workers during maintenance work. The new Twiflex locking devices allow for safe performance of maintenance tasks and improve overall efficiency at the same time.

Webinar Series: Developments in Lever and Small Modular Caliper Designs

This webinar will explore the breadth of the Twiflex caliper disc brake range, one of the largest range of industrial disc brake calipers on the market. We will also discuss new product developments in ‘lever’ and small ‘modular’ caliper designs.

Webinar Series: Factors to Consider When Selecting Centrifugal Clutches

Centrifugal clutches can offer a simple soft start solution for high inertia loads; providing reduced strain on drivetrain components and reducing loads on engines or motors. In this session we will review unit function and identify the various steps and choices to unit selection.