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15 junio 2017

Innovación desde 1927: Bauer Gear Motor celebra su 90.º aniversario

Hoy, los motorreductores son muy comunes en prácticamente todos los sectores industriales del planeta. Constituyen una tecnología de buen rendimiento, compacta y fiable que permite una transmisión de potencia precisa en una amplia variedad de aplicaciones.

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30 octubre 2014

Critical Factors for Proper Product Selection and Sizing

“Well begun is half done”, a quote that most reference materials attribute to Aristotle, certainly applies when selecting mechanical power transmission products. A selection process that is well thought out at the start can ensure that the product selected will be properly sized and appropriate to the application at hand.

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27 noviembre 2013

Bauer Gear Motor Model BG06 Geared Motor for Ski Lift

Doppelmayr (the Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group), located in the Wolfurt, Austria, manufactures products ranging from simple cable lifts over cable cars to railed vehicles. They are the worldwide market leader within this transport technology with about 13,700 cable car systems installed in 78 countries.

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19 agosto 2013

Live demo shows controlled release of 5,000Nm load using Stieber backstop and Bauer gearmotor

Having recently launched its new RDBK releasable backstop, Stieber Clutch has demonstrated its unique performance by developing an impressive test rig in partnership with Bauer Gear Motor.
This latest generation of Stieber backstop features a compact design with increased torque capacity compared to conventional designs. The RDBK allows for a full mechanical release, plus, In the event of a blockage, belt jam or overload, a controlled release when under load.

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19 abril 2013

Bauer Special Serial Demand service offers OEMs totally bespoke gear motor solutions

For OEMs and design engineers one of the hardest decisions when specifying parts for a new machine is making the choice between bespoke or standard components. Bespoke solutions will require many extra hours of design, and additional manufacturing concerns, while standard components will always involve some degree of compromise. Fortunately, in the case of geared motors, there is now an answer to the dilemma from Bauer Gear Motors.

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