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23 avril 2018

Les solutions de pointe de la famille Altra Industrial Motion au salon IFAT 2018

IFAT est le salon mondial pour la gestion de l’eau, des eaux usées, des déchets et des matières premières. L'édition 2018 présentera une gamme de solutions d'ingénierie des marques d'Altra Industrial Motion, à savoir Bauer Gear Motor, Bibby Turboflex et TB Wood's.

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02 mars 2015

Motor and Drive Efficiency - A Collective Approach for Better Results

Efficiency, reliability and total cost of ownership are all terms that are at the forefront of engineering considerations, however looking at items of equipment on an individual basis may not deliver the maximum benefits. By looking at the wider picture and combining the best technology from individual areas it is possible to achieve much more significant savings and efficiencies.

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05 janvier 2015

Staying Ahead of The Motor Efficiency Standards

From January 1st 2015 the latest efficiency regulations for electric motors come into force in Europe whereby any new installation using a motor between 7.5 kW and 375 kW must use either an IE3 rated motor or an IE2 motor installed with a variable frequency drive (VFD).

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30 octobre 2014

Critical Factors for Proper Product Selection and Sizing

“Well begun is half done”, a quote that most reference materials attribute to Aristotle, certainly applies when selecting mechanical power transmission products. A selection process that is well thought out at the start can ensure that the product selected will be properly sized and appropriate to the application at hand.

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20 octobre 2014

Bauer Provides Efficient Drivetrain Integration

Depending on the industry, environment and requirements of any given application, there are many different methods of transferring power from main supply to machine. But no matter what the layout of the drivetrain, there will always be some solutions that offer smoother integration and better efficiency than others.

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