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Composite Water Jackets

07 agosto 2014

Small Changes Help Achieve the Wow Factor in Power Transmission Components

Finding truly exciting product news in the industrial marketplace can be a challenge. Minor new cell phone features are trumpeted on the evening news in ways that seem to expect a collective “wow” from us all. Yet a wide variety of equally simple incremental improvements can go unrecognized. So it is across the product lines of the mechanical power transmission world where seemingly small changes are providing a positive impact for customers.

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09 maggio 2014

Wichita Clutch AquaMaKKs Water Cooled Brakes for Oil Platform Mooring Winches

Wichita Clutch shipped its first AquaMaKKs brakes with composite water jackets in late 2008 and early 2009 to provide heavy-duty tension control on new mooring winches being installed on retrofitted offshore oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

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22 luglio 2013

Innovative New Products from Wichita Clutch Featured at OTC

Wichita Clutch, Wichita Falls, Texas, has developed new corrosion-resistant, lightweight engineered composite water jackets designed as drop-in replacements for cast iron jackets in WCB compatible brakes.

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30 settembre 2011

NEW AquaMaKKs Water Cooled Clutches and Brakes Interchange Brochure Available

Wichita Clutch would like to announce the availability of the AquaMaKKs Water Cooled Clutches and Brakes Interchange brochure (P-7048) on the Literature Portal. You can download it in PDF format or request a print version in the mail.

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05 aprile 2010

Wichita AquaMaKKs Clutches and Brakes Are Winning the Corrosion Battle

On a marine deck in the oil and gas industry, the battle is always the same. Cast iron vs. salt. Salt wins every time. So the trick is to keep the saltwater away from the iron.
When Wichita Clutch, an Altra Industrial Motion company, heard this request from an offshore platform customer - "Can we use seawater to cool our tensioning brakes?" - the answer was, "Well, no…wait… let us work on that".

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