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Kopper Kool Clutches

20 settembre 2012

Wichita Clutch Kopper Kool Clutches For Anchor Handling Vessel Winches

Kopper Kool water-cooled, hydraulically-actuated clutches were supplied by Wichita Clutch for use on a large load winch drive system aboard an anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessel.

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03 dicembre 2009

Sub Sea Oil Exploration Rigs

Wichita Kopper Kooled Brakes for Mooring of Sub-Sea Oil Exploration Rigs

Wichita Clutch Kopper Kooled Brakes are used on semi-submersible oil rigs for both dynamic tensioning and static holding of mooring cables that keep the exploration rigs in position during drilling.

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10 giugno 2009

New mooring winch brakes and strength, security to offshore platforms

On a massive offshore oil platform, the brakes that hold the mooring winches don’t get a lot of attention — that is until they are called on to provide the demanding tension control for critical operations.

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