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Boston Gear has been a leader and pioneer in manufacturing gearing products since 1877, when we introduced the concept of gear standardization and stock gears - innovations of enormous benefit to power transmission system designers, specifiers, and users. Today, Boston Gear manufactures open gearing at our state-of-the-art facility in Charlotte, NC, where we continue to improve product quality and manufacturing efficiencies with programs like gear cell manufacturing, CAD/CAM design and manufacturing and CNC/DNC programming.

In addition, we offer our Guaranteed Same Day Shipment Program - a revolutionary, premium-free delivery program that ensures same day shipment for all in stock items for the timeliest delivery possible.

Product Features

  • 90º,non-intersecting shaft applications answer highly specialized power transmission needs
  • Smoothest,quietest form of gearing
  • High-ratio speed reduction in minimal space
  • Efficiency is easily increased by lowering ratios
  • Potential to design for resistance to back driving

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