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Compact and simple to adjust, the 5D/5K brakes are the smallest electromagnetic brakes of the range. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically whatever the application and they can operate up to 600 cycles (actuations) per hour.

Based on the design of 5K/5D brakes, the 45K/45D complete the range of electromagnetic service brakes.

Product Features

  • Fail safe braking
  • Braking by spring application
  • Electromagnetic release
  • Automatic lining wear compensation
  • Brake pads with wear indicator
  • Opening proving switch for PLC
  • Association with discs th. 30 mm (or 15 mm in option)
  • Shoes DIN (caliper 45D / 5D) for discs th. 30mm only.

Braking Torque:

  • Calipers type 5K / 5D : 48 to 552 N.m (discs Ø 220 to 625 mm)
  • Calipers type 45K / 45D : 287 to 1188 N.m (discs Ø 315 to 625 mm)


  • Manual release lever or hydraulic release
  • Mounting on vertical axis disc
  • Marine protection
  • Reduced torque
  • Closing proving switch
  • Manual release switch

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SIME Brakes Industrial Braking Systems p-8518-sg-a4

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