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Amerigear®.., the first, the finest... flexible coupling with Fully-Crowned Gear Teeth. In contrast with ordinary gear tooth forms, the Amerigear Fully-Crowned Tooth represents the ultimate achievement in the art of gear tooth design, wherein all three working portions of the tooth are crowned.

As a result, the teeth act much like a rocking chair, capable of sliding freely in the axial direction without digging or gouging the internal mating teeth. Because of this design advantage, Amerigear Flexible Couplings with Fully-Crowned Gear Teeth offer operational benefits of maximum load-carrying capacity with minimum size, maximum reliability and long life.

Product Features

  • Over 10" diameter bore capacity 
  • Highest torque ratings at a full 1-1/2 degree of misalignment 
  • Torque capacity of over 1,000,000 in-lbs 
  • High axial capacity 
  • Standard design allows for installation flexibility (reverse mount hubs for unexpected shaft gaps) 
  • AGMA standard design for interchangeability 
  • Large stock of rough bore inventory available
  • Both O-ring and metal seal models are available 
  • Strong, rigid floating sleeve
  • Precision-machined identical hubs
  • Positive dust-tight seals 

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Product Catalog

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Service Manual

General Purpose Gear Couplings Installation Instructions

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