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The Superflex Coupling has been used world-wide on a variety of applications with higher driven mass moments of inertia. The Superflex is very well suited for gen-sets, compressors, welders, and blowers. The rubber element will expand from its original pre-stressed condition upon installation. As a result the allowable torsional load of the rubber element is influenced favorably. It allows a lower tensile stress, and higher permissible vibratory loads. This coupling is an excellent solution for shock and vibration dampening.

Product Features

  • HIGH TORQUE CAPCITY - Superflex is offered in 9 different models up to 21,240 IN-LBS of nominal torque, and 52,215 IN-LBS max. Speeds vary from 2,000 RPM to 9,000 RPM depending on the model.
  • MAXIMUM VIBRATION DAMPENING - The rubber element once installed expands from its original pre-stressed condition. As a result of this, the allowable torsional load of the rubber element is influenced favorably (i.e. a lower tensile stress and a higher permissible vibratory torque load). The Superflex coupling handles shock and vibration very well.
  • MISALIGNMENT - Suitable in highly misaligned applications, the Superflex coupling can achieve an angular misalignment up to 5 degrees, and has a parallel misalignment of up to .120”.
  • ENVIRONMENT - The coupling consist of two cast iron hubs, a 55 shore A super-elastic flexible rubber element, and locking hardware. The coupling has working temperatures from -30F to 175F with an intermittent of up to 212F.

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Service Manual

Super Flex Shaft Coupling Service & Installation Instructions

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