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Packaged Performance Products are clutches and brakes which are assembled and aligned at the factory for maximum performance and ease of installation. Offered as clutches, brakes, and clutch/brake combinations, packaged products can be base mounted, shaft mounted, or installed on or between C-face motors and reducers.

Electro Pack Clutch/Brakes

Shaft Mounted Units Electro Clutches (EC) and Brakes (EB) provide all the features of electric clutches and brakes in a convenient, pre-packaged assembly. ECs and EBs mount on any through shaft or extended motor shaft, and are easy-to-assemble with standard sheaves, pulleys, gears and sprockets.

Ceramic Electro Packs (EP-C)

Ceramic Electro Packs (EP-C) are a high performance version of the Electro Pack, which contains ceramic faced wear components, providing three to five times the life of a standard EP. These units are particularly suited for high energy, high cycle rate applications.

Product Features

  • Electro Packs are extremely rugged
  • Factory aligned, pre-assembled clutch/brakes in an enclosed, foot mounted housing
  • Available in 7 sizes.
  • Torque range from 15 lb-in to 1350 kb-ft.
  • High performance version is available featuring ceramic faced wear components for long life.

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Service Manual

Electro Packs EP-170-C, EP-250-C Clutch/Brakes Installation Electro-Pack Vertical Mounting EP-250 Installation Electro-Pack Vertical Mounting EP-500 Installation

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