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Type RSCI is a centrifugal lift off sprag type freewheel with the inner race rotating. Only the inner race is designed for freewheeling. Primarily designed as a backstop, this type can be also used as an overrunning clutch, where the overrunning speed is high but the driving speed is low.

Product Features

  • Centrifugal Throughout Sprags
  • State of the art technology as they run cooler, less drag and the bearings are the only thing that is wearing resulting in longer backstop life when operating above the lift off speed
  • Normally mounted to the side wall of the gear reducer

35 Models

  • Torque Range: 156 to 115,128 lb. ft.
  • Bore Range 0: .79 to 11.8 in.
  • Speed Range: 0 to 14,500 RPM
  • Lubrication can work with EP

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Product Catalog

(A4) Overrunning Clutches & Backstops

Service Manual

(A4) RSCI 20-130, 180-300 Type (A4) RSCI 20-130, 180-300 Type

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