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Circular Sedimentation Tanks

Bauer Gear Motor and Boston Gear enclosed speed reducers are utilized in the common power trains that drive both the bottom sludge scrapers and upper grease and oil skimmers in circular clarifiers. Units provide reliable performance in this very slow rotation, continuous duty application. In many cases, the chain drive is located above the center of the tank, however, some round clarifier designs position the drive units on outer perimeter tank rim tracks.

Overload clutches or torque limiters are frequently installed to prevent the massive amount of torque generated, due to the slow rotation speed of the skimmers/ scrapers, from damaging the drive mechanism. Bibby Turboflex and Boston Gear Centric torque limiters are designed to protect drivetrain components by releasing the excess torque buildup, preventing an undesirable repair situation. These stainless steel and nickel plated products withstand tough wastewater processing applications.