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September - 2009

10 September 2009

Stieber RDBK

High Speed Backstops Improved for Safety and Power Savings

High-speed backstops are mounted on the high/medium speed shaft of gear drives on inclined conveyors or rotary machines such as crushers or kilns. When the drive is running, the input/output components of the backstop work contact-free and therefore contribute to a reduction in power loss.

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10 September 2009


Kilian Precision Bearing Assembly for Skid Steer

Kilian Manufacturing helped a major construction equipment manufacturer reduce excessive field service calls by designing a custom bearing assembly that corrected a performance problem in the company’s mini-excavators.

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09 September 2009

Warner Electric Clutch Brake Controls

Common Specification Mistakes for Clutches and Brakes

Perhaps the first potential common mistake is not specifying a clutch and/or brake when necessary. When clutches and/or brakes should be specified depends on the application details but certainly as cycle rates exceed 10/minute they should be considered.

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03 September 2009

Deicing Trucks

Warner Electric Modified SF-825 Clutch for Aircraft Deicing Truck

Wright Bros. Aero provides aviation services including deicing, to general aviation aircraft and major carriers. The Aero deicing trucks were originally equipped to spray a mixture of water and Type 1 deicing glycol on airplanes prior to takeoff.

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01 September 2009

Rotech Tidal Turbine

Going With The Flow On Green Energy

Compact oil immersed hydraulic brake units from Wichita Clutch are enabling renewable energy turbines to make the most of energy production from sub sea tidal flows. The Rotech Tidal Turbine (RTT) is a unique solution to the problem of providing renewable energy, one that is predictable, economical and has a minimal visual impact on the environment.

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