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23 December 2010

DuraFlex Coupling for Waste Water

TB Woods DuraFlex Couplings Withstand Harsh Conditions in Wastewater Facilities

Prolonged exposure to moisture, combined with seasonal temperature changes, can cause premature coupling failure in waste water treatment facilities. Couplings play a critical role in waste water processing power transmission applications. The right coupling can prolong equipment life by minimizing vibration, accommodating misalignment and reducing maintenance costs.

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14 December 2010

Formsprag Sprag Clutches

Formsprag Clutches control motion in mission critical aerospace applications

Formsprag Clutch, Warren, MI, offers the world's most advanced sprag clutch and sprag assembly technology used in drive trains of the aerospace industry. While Formsprag has been engineering and building sprag assemblies for more than 50 years, each sprag clutch or assembly is custom-designed and custom-built for its specific application.

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07 December 2010

Twiflex VMS 3 Brakes

Twiflex VMS-3 Brakes Deliver Superior Performance, Providing Greater Braking Force For Demanding Mine Hoist Applications

Twiflex has launched a larger, enhanced version of its highly successful VMS2-SP safety brake, aimed specifically at the demanding Mine Hoist market. In common with the VMS-2, the VMS-3 is a spring applied, hydraulic released safety brake, but offers faster operation and superior performance, delivering a maximum static braking force of 300kN*, and 230kN** of dynamic braking force, with the added benefit of infinite fatigue life.

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30 November 2010

TB Wood's QT Power Chain Group

New QT Power Chain II belt drive system

The QT Power Chain II belt drive system from TB Wood’s consists of a synchronous belt, sprockets, bushings and idlers that are all designed to work together to deliver the best value in power transmission - whether the application is low-speed or high-speed. When compared with standard roller chain, this powerful belt drive system provides important performance advantages and significantly reduces overall costs.

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30 November 2010

Twiflex Sets Mining Industry Standard with Fail-to-Safe Disc Brake Calipers

TWICKENHAM, ENGLAND – The VKSD-Model disc brake calipers from Twiflex, Ltd., are recognized worldwide as industry leaders in providing safe control for some of the most heavy-duty mining equipment in operation today.

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