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May - 2010

07 May 2010

Concrete Saws

Warner Electric Clutches Position Concrete Saws a Cut Above

When cutting sections of a roadway with a heavy-duty, diesel powered concrete saw, the blades and machine must safely and powerfully work together with the material being cut. But occasionally, thermal expansion of the concrete causes the blade to pinch in the kerf of the cut.

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05 May 2010

wind turbines on hill

Braking Ideas For Wind Turbines

Brakes for wind turbines call for higher cycle rates, higher loads, greater reliability and often in more compact packages than those on conventional factory equipment.

Slowing and halting an 80-m wind-turbine rotor involves converting its kinetic energy into heat. The same mechanical transfer occurs, for example, when stopping a large truck. A 40-ton mining truck, for instance, must be able to stop on a steep gradient.

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02 May 2010

Disc Coupling

Disc Couplings 101

Most of us probably never notice the spinning cylinder mounted between the pump and motor, except how easy it is to dis/assemble when a pump or motor is changed out. Otherwise, the disc coupling never factors into our daily routine.

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02 May 2010

Nuttall Moduline Gear Drive

Nuttall Gear Heavy Duty Drives Keep Coal Fired Facilities Runny Smoothly

Gearboxes play an important role in the productivity of coal-fired power generation plants. The primary function of a gearbox is to change the speed of driven piece of equipment when the speed is different from the driver. Drivers in a power plant are typically steam or combustion turbines, diesel engines, or electric motors.

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01 May 2010

Deepest Mining Dredge

Deep Sands

The world’s deepest mining dredge is coupled with the longest drive train ever to reach the bottom of an underwater sand mine.

In underwater sand mining, as with any problem-solving effort, getting to the bottom of it is the ultimate goal.

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