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Kilian Precision Bearing Assemblies for Luxury Box Sliding Glass Walls

Luxury Box Sliding Glass Walls

A major manufacturer of moveable glass wall systems required a reliable bearing solution for its multi-track sliding clear glass wall partitions used in stadium luxury boxes. The wall systems range in size, up to 10 ft. high and more than 30 ft. wide. The bearings mount to the top of the wall panels and smoothly glide within the upper track/channels.

The OEM had been using a two-piece bearing assembly. By working with the customer to understand the packaging constraints and loading requirements, Kilian engineers were able to provide a one-piece bearing assembly. The unique stainless steel roller assembly design, with an integral stud, resulted in a reduced piece price as well as reduced installation costs.

Kilian Glass Wall Precision Bearing Assemblies


  • One-piece, cost-saving solution
  • 303 Stainless steel
  • Smooth movement

Contact Information

1728 Burnet Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13217
Phone: 1-315-432-0700
Email: sales@KilianBearings.com