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Svendborg BSFI Series Braking Systems with SOBO® for Coal Mine Conveyors

Svendborg BSFI and SOBO on Coal Mine Conveyors

Complete braking systems were recently supplied by Svendborg Brakes for use on an overland conveyor and a variety of yard conveyors at a large greenfield underground longwall coal mine in the Bowen Basin of Queensland, Australia. When fully operational, the mine will produce 5 million tonnes per year of high-quality coking coal for export to steel mills worldwide.

Svendborg Brakes was initially contacted by the mine’s engineering consultant based on previous successful collaborations. While working closely with the consultant’s engineers, the Svendborg Brakes team designed eight braking systems to meet the specific conveyor application requirements. Each conveyor braking system consists of spring-applied, hydraulically-released BSFI Series caliper disc brakes, a SOBO control, a hydraulic power unit and a disc.

Model BSFI 320 high-speed brakes were installed on the 8 km (4.97 mile) long overland conveyor that transports coal at 6m/sec. from the mine to the CHPP (Coal Handling Preparation Plant). The brakes dynamically stop the conveyor during an emergency or power failure and function as a parking brake when the conveyor is not in use.

Model BSFI 345 brakes were supplied for mounting on the low-speed side of the drive shaft on three different yard conveyors. BSFI 208 and BSFI 205 models were installed on the high-speed side of the drive on four additional yard conveyors.

Svendborg’s unique soft braking control (SOBO) provides a range of safety and durability benefits in heavy industrial applications, including mining. Deceleration and the stopping of heavy conveyor loads are critical, and controlled braking is essential for a significant reduction of torque peaks, preventing damage to the belt and mechanical components.

Svendborg BSFI Series with SOBO for Mine


  • BSFI Series monospring and dual-spring brakes
  • Unique soft braking control (SOBO)
  • Hydraulic power units manufactured in-house

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