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17 December 2020

Altra Webinar Series

Webinar Series: How to use Centric Overload clutches to protect your process, product and profits

Join us Tuesday Jan. 8, 2020 for a new Altra Webinar. How to use Centric Overload clutches to protect your process, product and profits

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14 December 2020

Portescap Stepper Motor for New Application

Advances in stepper motors open up new application possibilities

The latest developments in stepper motor design not only increase the benefits over brushless DC motors in many applications, but also offer improved performance to address a broader range of tasks that were once the sole province of servomotors.

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11 December 2020

ERX Brakes

Warner Electric Introduces New ERX Brakes Range and the WES Contactless Sensor

Warner Electric has released a new range of pre-assembled electromagnetic brakes that offer superior performance for stopping and parking applications. The brakes can be specified in standard, high-torque or high-speed configurations and with a selection of accessories included.

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08 December 2020

Power Review 2020 Q4

04 December 2020

Pro-Active Mould Re-Design

Aluminium Die Casting Innovation: Pro-active mould re-design

Innovative mould designs can deliver a host of productivity and value benefits, streamlining
casting and expediting subsequent production processes. As the mould life had come to an end,
Aluminium Die Casting SRL carried out a total mould redesign for Bauer Gear Motor, delivering
compound benefits of increased longevity, ease of production, lean maintenance, reduced wastage and improved cost-effectiveness.

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