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June - 2020

29 June 2020

Electric Actuator Floor Plan

Electronic Linear Motion Systems Help Reconfigure the Future of Residential Construction

Traditional residential construction is fraught with inherent inefficiencies. Bedrooms, for example, are less used during the day, while living rooms are unoccupied overnight. At a time when real estate prices are climbing, especially in urban areas, the desire for single-purpose rooms inflates prices.

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25 June 2020

HACCP Risk Factors

Specifying geared motors to reduce HACCP risk factors

Geared motors are found throughout food and beverage production sites, used to drive conveyor belts, stirrers & agitators, packaging machinery and other equipment along the production line. The geared motor design lends itself to energy efficiency and reliability, a must for any modern production facility. However, the food & beverage industry also requires strict hygiene compliance, meaning that specialised geared motors are a wise choice for such facilities.

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23 June 2020


Supporting Our Customers in Uncertain Times

While COVID-19 is new and some of the challenges it poses are unique, our commitment to you remains the same: To be a trusted partner, able to meet your needs with unparalleled service and dedication. With the evolving COVID-19 situation, we continue to execute on our two highest priorities

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23 June 2020

Enteral Feeding Pump

Portescap’s Athlonix Motors for Enteral Feeding Pumps

A European provider of Infusion Systems needed a compact motion solution able to deliver sufficient torque for an Enteral Feeding Pump. This particular pump needed to deliver fluids in varying levels of viscosity.

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18 June 2020

Cylinder Deactivation Technology

Jacobs’ Cylinder Deactivation Technology Demonstrating 25 Percent Fuel Economy Gains While Raising Aftertreatment Efficiency

The Cylinder Deactivation technology (CDA) from Jacobs Vehicle Systems® has delivered a host of performance-enhancing benefits in recent independent validation tests carried out on next-generation diesel engines currently under development.

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