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Portescap 20DBM-K Linear Actuator Stepper Motor for Single-Channel Pipette

Single Channel Pipette

A global provider of liquid handling solutions was in need of a motor solution for a liquid dispensing pipette. In pipetting applications, the motor is driving a piston to either take in or eject the liquid. Thus a linear movement is required to drive the piston. Typically for this application weight, size, accuracy and precision are critical factors for the motor solution.

Portescap was inquired as the motion solution partner for this project based on its expertise and broad product offering in miniature motion solutions. The Portescap team recommended the 20DBM-K Linear Actuator Stepper Motor and was able to fully meet the customer’s motion needs by offering a completely integrated linear motion solution. The design of the 20DBM-K offers maximum linear force within a small package – not only enough force to drive the piston but also to dislodge the non-reusable pipetting tip using the motor. The preloaded ball bearing assembly in combination with the small step angle ensure the necessary precision and accuracy of the movement.

The customer not only appreciated Portescap’s deep understanding of the application and the ability to offer a powerful and compact motor solution, but also the possibility for customization at a low investment cost. The smart design of the 20DBM enabled stroke and motor housing, among other things, to cost-efficiently be customized, in order to exactly fit the customer’s space constraints and required working parameters. Together with the local support and quick availability of prototypes, the customer was supported in a quick and efficient manner, reducing the total development time of the new pipette.

Portescap 20DBM-K Linear Actuator


  • Neodymium magnet for up 50N linear force
  • Compact design
  • Winding possibilities
  • Step angle of 7.5° for finest positioning resolution
  • Modular design allows cost-efficient customization
  • Improved heat dissipation
  • Optimized bearing assembly with pre-load control

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