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Warner Electric China team brought a successful conclusion to ITES 2021 in Shenzhen

Altra CN ITES 2021 Shenzhen

Warner Electric China presented at ITES 2021 in Shenzhen from Mar 30 to Apr 2, 2021. ITES 2021 attracts 2,075 presenting companies to this 4-day event, with 140,000 visitors walking through the show.

Warner Electric China team together with CCB experienced engineers shared with visitors our high performance products such as Warner Electric ERX brakes, WR standard brakes and thin brakes´╝îAO LI XI standard brakes, servo motor brakes and small gear motor brakes, Matrix 1EB, SMB brakes, IDI Clutch, Stieber CSK clutches , Huco precision couplings and Mistral II pneumatic tension brake.

Our comprehensive product offerings include various types of clutches and brakes, and overrunning clutches. With thousands of product solutions available, we provides true single source convenience while meeting specific customer requirements.

Altra CN ITES 2021 Shenzhen ERX Brakes

At the show, we displayed the new series ERX product and new launched Mistral II pneumatic tension brake.

The ERX Brake can be adapted to different application needs in speed, energy or torque, thanks to 3 different friction materials. Beside the braking main function. The ERX Brake can be chosen with multiple options such as hand-lever release, enclosure protection, detection & redundancy or a combination of those.

Altra CN ITES 2021 Shenzhen Mistral II

Mistral II - A new development in pneumatic tension brakes

  • Integral cooling fan to maximise heat dissipation
  • Multiple actuator options to optimise torque capacity
  • Shaft diameters up to 60 mm may be accommodated
  • Simple three bolt mounting, with pilot location, for ease of installation
  • Integrated safety guard
  • Linear torque response to supply pressure
  • Easy access for maintenance - only 5 minutes are needed to remove cover and replace part