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June 29 - July 01, 2021
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September 30-30, 2021
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Application Profiles

24 May 2021

Capping and Filling Machines

Huco Oldham Couplings for Capping and Filling Machines

Cap Coder, a British manufacturer of standard and custom capping, filling, labelling and coding machines, needed precision couplings for use on its equipment. The couplings connect the drive motor to the torque capping heads on low-to-medium volume filling and capping machines utilized by beverage and pharmaceutical customers.

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10 May 2021

Oildham Couplings Industrial Boiler Burners

Huco Oldham Couplings for Industrial Boiler Burners

Cochran, Ltd., a leading global designer and manufacturer of industrial boilers and burners, needed reliable precision couplings for use on its range of combustion burners. The couplings are fitted between air servomotors and dampers on most burners.

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29 April 2021

Oversize Recliner Chairs

Kilian Bearing Assemblies for Oversize Recliner Chairs

A major U.S. manufacturer of engineered furniture mechanisms needed a robust bearing solution for a heavy-duty recliner chair assembly they were developing.

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22 April 2021

Pop-Up Campers

Kilian Custom Pulley Assemblies for Pop-Up Campers

A leading pop-up camper manufacturer was looking for a pulley solution for its cable lift systems. Depending on the size of the camper, up to eight pulleys are utilized to guide cables that lift the roof of the camper during setup.

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01 April 2021

Commercial Food Prep Cabinets

Kilian Custom Bearing Assemblies for Commercial Food Prep Cabinets

A food preparation equipment manufacturer needed a bearing solution for its heavy duty stainless steel drawer system. The drawers are installed on a variety of different behind-the-counter cabinets utilized in food preparation areas.

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