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Brushless DC Gearmotor

02 November 2020

Arthroscopic Shaver

Portescap B0614H4041 Autoclavable Arthroscopic Surgical Gearmotor for Arthroscopic Shaver

A global provider of arthroscopic equipment and other surgical solutions needed a brushless motor durable enough to withstand autoclaving, yet light enough to prevent user fatigue. They needed a motion solution for an arthroscopic shaver hand tool used in surgeries on knees, shoulders and other joints.

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25 September 2020

Arthoscopic Small Joint Shaver

Portescap B0512N4081 Autoclavable Slotted Brushless DC Gearmotor for Arthroscopic Small Joint Shaver

A top European surgical device manufacturer was in need of a lightweight, autoclavable motion solution for a shaver hand piece to be used in small joint arthroscopic surgeries. Small joint surgeries include both upper and lower extremities, such as the hand, wrist and foot.

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