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Medical & Mobility

15 March 2021

Optimising compact linear motion applications with mini motors

To achieve maximum performance from a miniature linear motion application, it’s vital to make sure the motor’s specification meets the requirements. Efficiency, high power, optimised dimensions and acceleration are among the criteria for selection to optimise demanding lead screw applications.

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11 March 2021

Super CB-6 Wrap Spring

Warner Electric helps medical swab manufacturer ramp up for the fight against COVID-19

In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, many medical equipment manufacturers have been setting up ambitious, fast-paced scale-up activities to boost production and shipment of critical resources. To do that, they require highly responsive and reliable partners, who play a crucial role in the implementation of effective systems to quickly increase volume without compromising on quality.

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15 February 2021

Oil Viscosity Measuring Instrument

Huco Modified Flex M Couplings for Oil Viscosity Measuring Instrument

A leading manufacturer of tribology testing equipment needed reliable precision couplings for use on their oil viscometer instrumentation. The fully automated, microprocessor-controlled device utilizes proprietary software to perform ultra shear rate measurements in less than 1 hour.

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28 January 2021

Encoders Why they are used

Encoders: Why they’re used and how to make your selection

Encoders provide feedback for accurate motor control relating to speed and positioning. Chris Schaefer, Applications Engineer at Portescap, looks at the technologies involved and explains how to choose the encoder for your application.

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14 December 2020

Portescap Stepper Motor for New Application

Advances in stepper motors open up new application possibilities

The latest developments in stepper motor design not only increase the benefits over brushless DC motors in many applications, but also offer improved performance to address a broader range of tasks that were once the sole province of servomotors.

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