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Medical & Mobility

14 December 2020

Portescap Stepper Motor for New Application

Advances in stepper motors open up new application possibilities

The latest developments in stepper motor design not only increase the benefits over brushless DC motors in many applications, but also offer improved performance to address a broader range of tasks that were once the sole province of servomotors.

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02 November 2020

Arthroscopic Shaver

Portescap B0614H4041 Autoclavable Arthroscopic Surgical Gearmotor for Arthroscopic Shaver

A global provider of arthroscopic equipment and other surgical solutions needed a brushless motor durable enough to withstand autoclaving, yet light enough to prevent user fatigue. They needed a motion solution for an arthroscopic shaver hand tool used in surgeries on knees, shoulders and other joints.

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25 September 2020

Arthoscopic Small Joint Shaver

Portescap B0512N4081 Autoclavable Slotted Brushless DC Gearmotor for Arthroscopic Small Joint Shaver

A top European surgical device manufacturer was in need of a lightweight, autoclavable motion solution for a shaver hand piece to be used in small joint arthroscopic surgeries. Small joint surgeries include both upper and lower extremities, such as the hand, wrist and foot.

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10 August 2020

Medication Dispenser

Portescap Stepper Motor Powers Automated Medication Dispenser

A North American medical device innovator needed a cost-effective motion solution for an automatic medication dispenser. With today’s increasing population, the number of people administering or taking medications has escalated, bringing with it the increased chance to make medication dosing mistakes.

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23 June 2020

Enteral Feeding Pump

Portescap’s Athlonix Motors for Enteral Feeding Pumps

A European provider of Infusion Systems needed a compact motion solution able to deliver sufficient torque for an Enteral Feeding Pump. This particular pump needed to deliver fluids in varying levels of viscosity.

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