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Power Generation

12 May 2021

What is the Altra ShenZhen difference?

Since December 2020, many provinces and cities across in China have issued power rationing notices. Industrial areas can get 1, 2 or even 3 days power cut off per week… Enterprise are in the difficulties of power shortage.

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15 June 2020

MEA Clutches and Periflex VN Couplings UPS System

MEA Clutches & Periflex® VN Couplings for Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

A leading European designer and manufacturer of dynamic uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems needed a reliable clutch solution for its line of UPS systems. The systems range in size up to (18 kNm) 3300 kVA, to provide backup power in the case of main supply fluctuations or failures in a variety of critical applications including hospitals and data centers.

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08 May 2020

stromag response update

Stromag Video: Stromag Covid-19 Response Update

As the Covid-19 struggle goes on, Stromag continues to do their part by providing critical components for essential medical equipment, supplies and facilities.

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23 April 2020

nuclear plant overhead crane brake

Stromag 2SA Brake for Nuclear Plant Overhead Crane

A European electric utility company needed replacement brakes for a large overhead crane at a Belgium nuclear power plant. The dual-beam polar crane, operating on a circular track, is used in the plant’s reactor room to remove and replace the reactor head and also during refueling outages.

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25 July 2019

Power Plant Coal Conveyor FDB Clutch

Formsprag Model FDB600 Clutch Coupling for Power Plant Coal Conveyor

A large coal-fired power plant in Colorado needed a replacement clutch solution for a creep drive on an incline conveyor that moves coal onto stockpiles.

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