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Ultra EC Mini-Motor

22 February 2021

Portescap Brushless Slotless Ultra EC Motors

Ultra performance in a complete family of brushless, slotless miniature motors

Portescap has extended its Ultra EC range of motors with new sizes, with the motors now covering diameters from 16mm to 35mm. Crafted around Portescap’s proprietary U coil technology, these motors deliver outstanding performance, minimal iron losses, improved efficiency and cooler operation.

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14 November 2019

Portescap Ultra EC

Portescap demos Ultra EC range of high torque, high speed mini-motors at SPS

For design engineers operating within the automation and robotics industries, SPS is an annual highlight that showcases the latest product developments and technological advancements. Portescap will be using this year’s show to demonstrate the unique characteristics of its Ultra EC range of miniature motors. With a patented ‘U coil’ design, the new motor range delivers unprecedented speed and torque in a compact package.

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