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Metal Processing Solutions

As industry leaders in electromechanical power transmission products, the global companies of Altra Industrial Motion have been helping metal mill equipment manufacturers and metal producers worldwide achieve great success by increasing their efficiency while at the same time reducing their costs and downtime.

Altra companies provide a comprehensive offering of mill spindles, couplings, U-joints, gear motors, speed reducers, torque-limiting devices and backdstopping clutches to meet the specific needs of the metal mill industry. Altra products are designed to withstand harsh mill environments including dirt, dust and high temperatures, while providing exceptional personnel safety and equipment protection.

Altra engineered power transmission products are installed in a wide array of mill applications including blast furnaces, continuous casters, roughing mills, finishing mills, cold mills and coilers.

Altra brands that support the metal producer market include Ameridrives Power Transmission, Nuttall Gear, Bauer Gear Motor, Ameridrives Couplings, TB Wood’s, Delroyd Worm Gear, Bibby Turboflex, Marland Clutch, Twiflex Limited, Formsprag Clutch and Stieber Clutch.