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Air Motors

23 fevereiro 2015

Huco Acetal Air Motor/Speed Reducer for Pouch Filling Machine

A major manufacturer of precision filling equipment needed a reliable air motor/ speed reducer for use on a new machine. The filling machine features a series of rotary valve pumps that control the flow of stir fry and other sauces during the pouch filling operation.

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07 julho 2014

Paint Agitator Systems

Huco Dynatork Piston Air Motors for Paint Agitator Systems

Autoquip Inc., a leading source of paint finishing equipment and services, provides robotic and automation systems for liquid paint spraying. Autoquip incorporates Huco Dynatork piston air motors, rather than industry standard vane motors, into its systems because the air motor technology lends itself so well to the company’s proven flow control techniques.

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20 janeiro 2014

Huco Dynatork Free-Floating Piston Air Motors for Aluminium Foil Tray Stamping

Aluminium foil tray manufacturer Coppice Alupack has systematically replaced all its electric drives with Huco Dynatork air motors used on rewind systems that handle surplus foil after the aluminium coil has been stamped.

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19 abril 2010

Huco Dynatork 3 Air Motors for Offshore Platform Cable/Hose Reels

Cable reel sets are typically leased to clients for a month at a time. The cable/hose reel sets are utilized on offshore oil and gas well platforms. The Huco air motor is used to maintain tension on the control cable as it is lowered into the well. For 80-90% of its utilization, the air motor serves as a back stop (even though it can be operated in both directions) when the reel is in the “stall or hold” position.

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01 agosto 2009

Meat Processing Packaging

Huco Dynatork Air Motor is "Sweet Find" for Greydon Bagging Machine

When you’re the purchasing manager of a packaging equipment manufacturer that wants to make a basic, relatively low-cost meat packing machine with a fairly high degree of precision and automation, it’s a good day when your design engineer walks in with your power transmission solution.

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