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09 julho 2018

Brakes and Clutches Top Trends in IoT (Principais tendências de freios e embreagens em IoT)

Freios e embreagens industriais podem se tornar um mercado de US$ 1,7 bilhão até 2024, especialmente devido ao investimento na automação industrial e no crescimento de fábricas inteligentes. Isso de acordo com a Global Industry Analysts Inc. (GIA).

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06 abril 2015

Bauer AsepticDrive with PMSMs for Fish Processing Lines

Van der Lee Seafish processes 250 tons of fresh frozen fish every week for shipment to customers worldwide. The company was using a variety of motors on their processing machines and conveyor systems at their facility in Urk, Netherlands.

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26 março 2015

Components Toughen Up

While the power transmission industry is pretty mature, power transmission components have had to endure a lot of hardships imposed upon them by the food and beverage industry. With the ever-increasing concerns about foodborne illness and the need to kill bacteria to a 99.999 percent level, gearboxes, gears and bearings have been holding their own, while enduring the onslaught of harsh cleaning environments.

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23 fevereiro 2015

Huco Acetal Air Motor/Speed Reducer for Pouch Filling Machine

A major manufacturer of precision filling equipment needed a reliable air motor/ speed reducer for use on a new machine. The filling machine features a series of rotary valve pumps that control the flow of stir fry and other sauces during the pouch filling operation.

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09 fevereiro 2015

Wichita & Ameridrives Fluid & Gear Couplings for Sugar Processing Conveyor

A Louisiana sugar refinery needed to install a new intermediate inclined conveyor to provide an infeed flow of sugar into the initial affination (cleaning/purifying) process. The facility’s team wanted to design a conveyor system that used less energy and created less wear on mechanical components (shafts, keyways, belt stretch) than their existing conveyors.

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