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14 Июль 2016

25 лет непрерывного развития

Чтобы поддерживать пассажиропотоки в городе, Лондонский метрополитен (LUL) использует не только туннели и поезда, но также и эскалаторы. 430 эскалаторов помогают пассажирам совершить свыше 1,3 миллиарда поездок за год. Самый длинный эскалатор, длиной 60 метров, установлен на станции Энджел Северной линии, а самый короткий, длиной всего 4,1 метра, — в Стратфорде в Восточном Лондоне. На самой оживленной станции Ватерлоо установлено 23 эскалатора, которые перевозят около 90 миллионов пассажиров в год.

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26 Февраль 2015

Stieber CSK Backstopping Clutch for Step-Driven Transport Device

Me-Mover, an entrepreneurial company located in Denmark, needed a compact clutch solution for their revolutionary new step-driven transport device. The Me-Mover vehicle provides users with a fun, active and energizing way to get to their destination. Ideal for use in urban settings, the device can be easily folded and brought on a bus, train or car.

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03 Февраль 2015

Warner Modified SF-1250 Clutch for Mobile Aircraft Air Conditioning Unit

A major manufacturer of ground support equipment used at airports around the world needed an electric clutch for one of their mobile air conditioning units (ACUs) which provide heating and cooling in parked aircraft cabins.

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11 Апрель 2013

Warner Linear K2x Linear Actuator For Fire Engine Ladder Access System

To help prevent firefighter back injuries, ladder lift devices are often utilized on fire engines and pumpers. The lift automatically lowers aluminum ladders to a more accessible height for easier removal. A control switch activates two electric actuators that power the lift system.

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11 Февраль 2013

Warner Linear K2x Linear Actuator For Emergency Vehicle Oxygen Tank Lift

A leading manufacturer of fire and safety equipment required an extremely reliable electric actuator for use in their oxygen tank lift systems. The lifts are utilized on emergency vehicles, including ambulances, to safely raise and lower oxygen tanks which can weigh over 80lbs. when full.

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