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06 四月 2015

配备 PMSM 的 AsepticDrive 鱼加工生产线

每周,Van der Lee Seash 对 250 吨冷冻鲜鱼进行加工,然后运往位于世界各 地的客户。当时,该公司设立在荷兰乌尔克的工厂在加工设备与输送系统 上采用多款电机。

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30 九月 2013

Hygienic Surface Design of Aseptic Drives

Producers, consumers and last but not least the EHEDG all want preventive measures against the contamination of foodstuffs. The EHEDG has established directives specifying the requirements which must be met. And it is the task of creative developers to work out how this can be achieved.

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29 四月 2013

Bauer Gear Motor AsepticDrive™ Motors for Bakery Tray Cleaning Machine

Precisma, a major European manufacturer of high quality equipment used in commercial bakery operations, recently optimized their most popular baking tray cleaning machine.

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